Thursday, 27 November 2008


As people who talk to me a lot probably already know, I'm a bit of a fan of Pixel's excellent freeware platformer, Cave Story (aka Doukutsu Monogatari). So when I heard that it was being ported to WiiWare by Nicalis, I was pretty excited even though I'm kinda still lacking in a Wii right now.

And got even MORE excited when this week, Nicalis contacted me asking to use some of my fanart for promotional work!

So, here it is on the Wii page of IGN, as a preview to the new gameplay videos. (Full size version of image here)

It's great to see Pixel getting some money for his creation, and the guys at Nicalis seem to really love the game and are giving it the care and attention it deserves—I especially love that rather than using an interpolation algorithm to up the resolution, the sprites have been tweaked pixel by pixel, most of them by, uh, Pixel. And they're looking fantastic, especially the hero. I can't wait to see Curly Brace!

(And I was given the revelation that the hero's scarf is actually green rather than the red 90% of fanart of him makes it. How about that.)

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